Groupcall IDaaS Release Notes

Current Release:

IDaaS Login v1.4.1

Released 2015-08

Login experience

  • First time users are prompted to change their password on first login.
  • Users with an expired password or one that doesn't meet the complexity policy are prompted to change password at login.
  • Added support to authenticate IDaaS username and passwords against a school Active Directory.


  • Support for UK Federation synthetic scopes - where supported and within JISC terms of use.
  • SSO support for SharePoint Calendars embedded into Outlook, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), and OneDrive for Business documents accessed from locally installed Office applications.
  • Resolved an occasional lengthy delay occurring mid-SSO.
  • Addressed a metadata refresh issue that caused brief service instability periods on Tuesday 4th August and Weds 5th August.
  • Added additional background monitoring and exception logging to further improve our diagnostics should a problem occur.


  • Added indication of  school-side agent availability when loading the admin website.
  • Hidden username format rules for schools that only log in with email addresses.
  • Added the ability to allow selection of password minimum complexity for students and staff.
  • Added the ability to allow selection of password expiry time-stamp for students and staff.


  • Introduced additional username generation attributes that remove spaces and other format-breakers from forename and surname for purposes of address generation.
  • Addressed an issue where automated billing processes could leave a user record in a state that prevented it being provisioned successfully.


  • Added support for Microsoft Edge.


  • Improved Partner Bespoke-SSO on-boarding process.
  • Implemented Partner STS for relevant services.


Previous Releases:

Groupcall IDaaS v21826

Groupcall IDaaS v1.0.5155.21826

Released 2014-12-11

  • UI refresh
  • UK Federation Integration
  • Active Directory Provisioning
  • Shibboleth SSO support
  • Web-based User Admin UI


Groupcall IDaaS v1.0.4983.25713

Groupcall IDaaS v1.0.4983.25713

Released 2013-08-23

  • Office 365 provisioning and SSO support
  • Email notification when batches held for review
  • Billing web service
  • Monitoring web service


Groupcall IDaaS v1.0.4966.22506

Groupcall IDaaS v1.0.4966.22506

Released 2013-08-06

  • For non-SSO partners only:
    • Pre-provisioning username editing support
    • Password spreadsheet download
    • Additional username and password formats in drop-down boxes.


  • User details view in IDaaS to aid support / diagnostics (Learners and Workforce only)
  • Search
  • UI overhaul
  • SIMS ‘Local Username’ support, including not transmitting when no LU is found (releasing separately)
  • CMIS extract support (releasing separately)
  • Named IDaaS relying party administrator accounts
  • Enabled automated provisioning.



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