RM Integris G2 CMTF Feed

When enabled, the RM Integris G2 CMTF Feed automatically populates data into Groupcall's Data Broker Service (DBS) platform. Because of the nature of the feed from RM this requires Groupcall to cache your school data inside DBS; to find out more see our Cached DBS data sharing agreement.  Data cached in DBS is only released to Groupcall products that provide the correct G2X Secret for your school.

This feed is used by:

  • Groupcall Partners or Local Authorities using Groupcall XVault to aggregate school data for population into their cloud platforms.
  • Groupcall Partners or Local Authorities using Groupcall Xporter but with data requirements exceeding the data available via the G2 Web Service.

When requesting activation from RM, an amount of co-ordination is required between RM and Groupcall to ensure your data is secured safely.  For this reason when activating for this feed you must advise your partner of the data officer for your school so that once Groupcall can advise your G2X Secret once we receive data from RM.

The Groupcall Partners currently usingthe G2 CMTF feed are;

  • Classroom Monitor
  • ParentPay
  • PupilAsset
  • UniServity Life (not cLc)
  • Carmarthenshire
  • Pembrokeshire (cached at LA, not with Groupcall)
Local Authorities where the RM Integris G2 CMTF Feed is not available;

  • Lincolnshire (LA 925)
  • Barnet (LA 302)
  • Pembrokeshire (LA 668)
  • Powys (LA 666)
  • Oldham (LA 353)