RM Integris G2 CMTF Activation almost completed!

RM have completed their step of your CMTF feed activation...

Now that RM have activated your RM Integris G2 CMTF feed it will automatically upload from G2 to Groupcall's Data Broker Service (DBS) Cache overnight.  Groupcall Partner products, such as Xporter and XVault can then read data from  the DBS Cache to provision Groupcall Partner systems.  For those products to access your school data via the DBS Cache, they will need to be provided with a Groupcall G2X Secret which is specific to your school and should be treated like a password.

This is the first time I've requested an RM CMTF activation for a Groupcall Partner.

As long as you nominated a data officer to your Groupcall Partner before sending in your RM Activation request you should expect to get an automated email from Groupcall advising your G2X secret. Please allow 72 hours for this email to arrive, although typically it will arrive overnight the day after RM complete the part of your activation.If you haven't notified your Groupcall Partner of a nominated data officer then please see below.

I've completed an RM CMTF activation for a Groupcall Partner before, and know my school's G2X Secret.

The G2X secret provided to you on your previous activation allows Groupcall products to access the DBS Cache for your school. You can provide the same G2X secret to the (new) Groupcall Partner that instructed you to carry out the activation.

I think I've completed an RM CMTF activation before, but I've forgotten or lost my school's G2X Secret.

Please follow the instructions below regarding a lost or forgotten G2X Secret.

What to do next once you have your G2X Secret:


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