Activating G2 CMTF Feed

To activate the G2 CMTF Feed, to populate the Groupcall Data Broker Services (DBS) Cache, you'll need to submit your activation request to RM following the instructions on the form.

This is a two part activation process;

  1. firstly RM complete their activation to enable nightly updates to the DBS Cache,
  2. then Groupcall provide the nominated contact with the G2X Secret to enable Groupcall products to read from the DBS Cache for your school.

Therefore an additional step is required...

You must advise your Groupcall Partner of a data owner name and email address (which must be at a school-owned domain) prior to sending your activation form to RM, in order to successfully activate and avoid delays.

Click here to see a Diagram of the CMTF activation process.