Getting Started

Where does the information in Emerge for Parents come from?

In order to download the Xporter application, please click the link below.


The installation itself is very straightforward, but to help you we have provided a video and some step by step instructions.

Download the above file, then save and run the file you downloaded as appropriate for your organisation.

Having started the set-up running, you will find it a straightforward process to click through the installer.

Accept the default installation points and select “Install”…
Choose your MIS as appropriate… and click next or install as appropriate on next few windows.




Enter the groupcall user credentials for your MIS installation. Ensure you select “Login” before choosing “Next”…

And in the subsequent window complete your LEA and Establishment code and school name as relevant, following the last few windows through until you finish the installer.



Getting Help

In the unlikely event that you run into a problem with your installation then please contact the partner or Local Authority that provided Groupcall Xporter to you for support. They are best qualified to carry out first line support because they know you, the end customer, and because they know the system that your data is being sent to.

If your Xporter problem needs Groupcall’s input then your supplier will elevate the case to Groupcall on your behalf. In this instance Groupcall might contact you directly to investigate the problem you’re having and to try and resolve it for you.



Registering for a username seems quite long winded. Why is that?


What do I need to do?

You have been sent to this web page because a Local Authority or Partner Organisation has an installation of XVault and wants to collect data from your school. If you need more information on the purpose of this data collection, you should speak to the person who has asked you to visit this webpage!

XVault uses Groupcall Xporter to extract data from your MIS and send it on to the receiving XVault database.

This page will guide you through the installation of Xporter.


Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Apple phone/tablet/media player?


Where should I install Groupcall Xporter?

Groupcall recommends, where possible, that Xporter is installed on the MIS server. This will reduce potential complexity connecting to the MIS and will ensure that the Xporter installation is as highly available as the server.

If this is not possible in your environment, a suitable additional server or workstation will suffice. Please bear in mind that this machine should be left powered on at all times, this will ensure accuracy and availability of data. It must also have access to the MIS data and meet the pre-requisites detailed below.

Xporter Hardware requirements

Xporter has negligible hardware requirements and in most cases should go unnoticed on a computer running at least a 1.6GHz processor with at least 1GB of memory. The Disk Space required varies by extracts in use and how many you have installed, but as a rule of thumb the typical installation will need no more than 250MB working space, however busy installations can cache up to 1GB. An active internet connection is also required, this can be wireless, however a wired connection is usually more reliable.


Xporter Software requirements

Groupcall Xporter requires the following, and any additional MIS-specific requirements as below;

  • Administrator access to the computer
    • Both during installation and post-install to run the Xporter Management Console on an on-going basis
  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.6.2
  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 Full (not Client Profile)
    • To be installed alongside the SIMS workstation client.
    • This must be enabled as a feature via Server Manager.
  • Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1
    • This must be enabled as a feature via Server Manager.
    • Ensuring  this is available ahead of installation will significantly shorten the installation process as certain systems require a restart as part of the .net installation.
  • A Supported Windows Version
    • Windows Server
      • 2008 R2,
      • 2012,
      • 2012 R2
    • Windows Client (you should always try to install on a server when you are able to).
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8.1
      • Windows 10
  • Older versions of Windows;
    • Microsoft have now discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
    • Xporter will continue to run on these systems for a period of time but newer versions of Xporter are not guaranteed to be compatible.
    • Following best practices for data security you should migrate away from these Windows versions as soon as possible.


Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Windows phone/tablet/media player?

Not right now unfortunately, but we are working on support for alternative systems. Watch this space!

Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Laptop or Desktop computer?

We have designed Emerge for Parents to be accessible easily and quickly so that parents can see the latest information on their children as well as it being easy to look at as a family. We have therefore focussed our efforts on smartphones and tablets to bring this service to you. If we get a lot of demand for the service on more platforms we'll look at adding them; why not let your school know if you believe you have a strong case for an alternative way of accessing the service.