About Emerge for Parents

How secure is Emerge for Parents?

In short; it's really secure. Just like your bank or other Apps used for sensitive information. Information sent to your App is scrambled and can only be read by a system with a valid set of credentials to unscramble that data. That being said, it's your responsibility to ensure your login details remain confidential. If you believe your password is compromised, you should change it straight away.

Tell me more...

Emerge for Parents shares the same underlying structure as the award winning service that allows Teachers and Support staff in schools to access student data on the move - Emerge for Schools by Groupcall.

Emerge for Schools is an App which enables schools to have an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly and securely available in the palm of their hand. Emerge for Schools is installed across an estate of approximately 10,000 devices in the United Kingdom. Emerge for Schools is the solution for users to access information when and wherever it is needed i.e. in an emergency where the school system may be down or access to the school is restricted, thus ensuring staff and student safety is paramount at all times.

Emerge comprises of two elements or ‘pieces’ of software. The Emerge Device software (the App) and the Emerge Server software installed in the school or in a local authority. This is the same as Emerge for Parents.

The data from the device is wirelessly synchronised with the school’s MIS and Emerge ensures that the data is always up-to-date, whether it be in a classroom, at home, or any situation where access to a school system is needed. The attendance data is updated on a regular basis.

Data is transported bi-directionally between the Emerge Service and school MIS. Emerge then communicates securely with registered Emerge enabled devices. All data is secured in motion using industry standard encryption. Groupcall Emerge accesses the school MIS system using credentials that you provide to it and cannot access it without them. Emerge enabled devices use industry standard AES-128 bit encryption to secure data at the user and device level.

Your data’s point of origin remains in the controlling system - i.e. the school system. Data is cached in Emerge for an agreed time period – this may vary for the different sets of information. If the Emerge app is not accessed for a set period of time (the default is 5 days), the encrypted data is inaccessible until the user provides valid login details.

A Use of Data policy is provided for schools to ensure that, as data controllers they have the ability to share data, and that they consider there to be appropriate measures in place, ensuring that the data is held securely and confidentially. The document, available to schools, sets out how Groupcall supports these objectives. Groupcall and its suppliers will be acting as ‘data processors’ as defined by the 1998 Data Protection Act. Groupcall has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of the personal information, and continues to review these measures on an on-going basis.

If you have any questions about the security of Emerge for Parents, you should speak to your school in the first instance. They can then contact the Data Processors if necessary and can provide more information to you as required.



I’d like more information about how Emerge for Parents works, who do I contact?

Emerge for Parents is made by Groupcall Limited. You can contact their sales team here. Please note however that Groupcall cannot offer any support or information relating to a specific school, user or child.