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This guide covers the adding of devices and user to the Emerge Management Console (EMC). There are other documents that should be read in connection with this guide to ensure you have met pre-requisites, configured the EMC correctly and cover the device part of the installation. They can all be found on our Emerge Documentation page.  Where relevant below, we have provided details of the related documentation.

The Emerge Management Console is divided into four sections all relevant to the setup and configuration of Emerge. You will need to do some configuration in each section before Emerge is ready to use live in a school environment - please see the Emerge Management Console page to complete the full setup before attempting to add devices and users.

Add Emerge Users

EMC Users Tab

Emerge will require user accounts to be created to use for accessing data within the App on devices.



Add a New User

  1. Ensure you are in the ‘Users’ area of the console.
  2. To add a new user, click the Add button.
  3. Supply Username and Password (password needs to be entered twice to confirm).
    • The username will need to be in lower case and should be unique within the school; we suggest defining a robust naming convention to ensure duplicates are not created. This could be the same as any existing policies (such as email, MIS or windows logon) in place for convenience. Administratively they remain independent as Emerge has no inter-relationship with such systems at this level, but your users may find it more convenient to remember 1 username for multiple systems.
  4. Select the relevant user settings and permission level for the user account. As described in the EMC Settings Tab section, the default can should be changed on a per user basis where necessary. See “Emerge User Profiles” (below or via the link) for a breakdown of each setting.
  5. Set the appropriate user parameters.
Allow EvidenceDefault (See Settings)
Use this option to override "Default Allow Evidence" from the settings tab of the EMC.
Controls if users can add media as evidence when recording behaviour and achievement. Usually this would be set to Default, but ‘Yes/‘No’ can be used on a per user basis when you would like to control which users can upload media.
Staff MemberDependent on MIS configurationPick the relevant MIS user so that the correct personalisation (such as timetable etc) are applied to Emerge.
Supply Staff is available as a generic option for any non-teaching or cover staff members.
Show All Assessment TemplatesYes
Controls access to the Assessment Templates for Assessment Write-back.
- If set to Yes, all templates from SIMS are visible. Users will see those templates assigned to them as well as those not assigned to them, but as a separate list for ease of access.
- If set to No, only those templates to which the user is assigned in SIMS are visible on Emerge.

NB: Only applies if "Staff Member" has been defined as a member of staff from the MIS (i.e. that member of staff is not 'Supply Staff').
View Staff PersonalAs Profile
Controls access to staff personal details such as contact information and next of kin etc.
- "As Profile" = Access to other Staff members personal information will be controlled by the roles applied to a user in the EMC.
- "Yes" = Access to other Staff members personal information will be available to the user regardless of EMC roles.
- "No" = Access to other Staff members personal information will not be available to the user regardless of EMC roles.
Config Red ButtonYes
Controls access to the configure pages in the Help Button on the Emerge devices.
Anyone who has this parameter set to 'Yes' can specify SMS destinations, direct call numbers and SMS templates from their device. The configuration is then applied to all other devices regardless of role.


When complete, click Save. All successfully created users will show in the list at the top of the console.

You should give the user name and password to your end users to specify within the app itself.

Add Emerge Devices

EMC Devices Tab

From this section of the console you will manage the devices used with the Emerge for Schools App in your school.

Linking Devices with Users and Groups – the Device Identifier

In order to make Emerge as secure as possible, it is necessary to link users with devices.  This ensures that users can only use Emerge with devices on which they have been authorised.  This is known as 2-factor authentication – something you know (a username and password) and something you have (an authorised device). Every device has a unique identifier. The ID is unique to each device and therefore cannot be altered or ‘spoofed’ as a device name could be. The Emerge Server uses the device Device Identifier to link devices with Users and Groups by adding them to an ‘allowed’ list in the console. For more information on the security of Emerge, please see the Emerge Data Sharing Agreement.

Obtaining the Device Identifier

This process differs slightly between device and platform. Please see Obtaining the Device Identifier for detail on how to do this either as the Emerge Administrator or by directing end users to that page so that they can send the ID to you.

Adding the Device Identifier to the Console and Linking Users/Groups


  1. Ensure you are in the ‘Devices’ section of the Console.
  2. After obtaining the device ID, click the Add button located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter the ID
    • Either type it in whilst looking at the device or copy and paste it from a suitable location such as email or spread sheet.
    • Alternatively if you have previously tried to connect a device1, which is not currently showing on the devices list, it will appear on the drop down list, allowing you to add it straight into the console.
  4. Enter a device description (we recommend having a robust naming convention for this to aid in estate management).
  5. Assign the device to any Groups as relevant.
  6. Assign the device to ALL users that you wish to be able to utilise the device.
    • Usually this will be 1 device per user, however if you are operating any ‘pool’ devices that may be shared by several staff you should add all relevant users here, individually or through the use of groups.
    • Only those users associated with a device may use it. Even if they have the correct account details, they cannot use the device unless they are associated with it here.

When complete, click Save.

All successfully authorised devices will show in the list at the top of the devices section of the console – if the device you have just added does not appear, it is possible you did not click save; repeat steps 2 – 7 before contacting support. In certain cases a simple exit and re-opening of the console may resolve your issue; please let us know however if this becomes ‘the norm’ as there may be an underlying issue that requires resolution.

1 A connection attempt can be made from the device by simply entering the Service URL and user credentials. The user will receive an error message stating “Invalid Device” until you add the ID to the devices list.


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If you need any further assistance or get in to any difficulty, please contact your School Administrator. Alternatively, they can contact Groupcall Support on your behalf.

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