Dashboard 2013.7a

Dashboard 2013.7a is a hotfix release to address a caching  issue that was impeding grouping Xporter clients by status and to aid investigation of an integration issue with Integris G2 schools using the Cached DBS (CMTF) feed.

Groupcall Dashboard:

  • Address a caching issue impeding grouping of Xporter clients by status

Groupcall Xporter Heartbeat:

  • On IDaaS-enabled schools carry out additional health checks on the Azure Service Bus connection
  • Optimised Xporter job status reporting to Dashboard
  • Auto-add DashSif reference when DashSifAllow detected, accept SchoolInfo request from DBS

Groupcall Data Broker Service:

  • Cached DBS (CMTF) processing
    • Changes to aid investigation of an integration issue with Integris G2 school
    • Adjust data rejection policy to accept  school name in cases where unexpected data is received so such instances can be audited and followed up