Create Voice Message

Basic steps

Once you have selected your distribution list and chosen the message formats, you can now begin to create your message(s).


  1. Select Broadcast as the Message Type from the 3 options available in the Select Message Type drop-down menu .
  2. Click the red circle (record button) to open the Voice Recorder window.
  3. You can also select from the message library and then edit accordingly.


Once you have recorded your message, you can customise the Voice Message Options further using the selection at the bottom of the screen.

  • Voice Template
    • Don't include pre-recorded introduction/prompts
      • Allows the turning off of the introduction script on a per-message basis. When recipients are sent the voice message, by default it will play an introduction, usually announcing the school name etc.
  • Text to Speech Voice
    • From voice settings (gender)
      • Applies the default setting as configured in the Account Settings > Voice Settings area by the Groupcall Administrator. The default gender will be shwon in brackets; in this example it is a woman.
    • Man
      • Overrides the default setting and plays text to speech in a male voice.
    • Woman
      • Overrides the default setting and plays text to speech in a female voice
  • Voice Caller ID
    • Caller ID
      • The number used to 'send' the voice message. Usually set to be the school's main phone number.