Contact Method – Send To:

Messenger v5 provides you with the ability to easily choose the method and the contacts to whom messages will be sent.

You can elect to send the messages to different types of contact held within the system, based on your intended audience;

  • Primary Parental Contact
    • Send messages to priority one contacts only. The priority level is dictated by the settings in the MIS.
  • Student Direct
    • Send messages directly to students (where relevant contact information exists).
    • You could use this option for emails only to email students with e.g. Homework information.
  • All Parental Contacts
    • Send messages to both primary and additional parental contacts.
  • All
    • Send message(s) to all parental and student contacts associated with a student’s record, i.e. to the Student Direct and any parent(s) linked to their record.

Simply select the method suited to your needs from the drop-down list labelled 'Send To:' above the contact selection criteria.

Depending on your settings, your School Administrator may have set this to default to either "Primary Parental Contact" each time a new message is composed or to retain the setting from when anyone in your school last sent a message. Ensure the dropdown reflects your intended message recipient list to avoid sending more messages than required.