Configuring XVault

Having logged in to XVault you are now ready to configure it.

  1. On the left there is a Navigation Pane;
    • if this is blank the likely cause is a database connection error – see the Troubleshooting XVault section at the end of this guide or here.
  2. Select Agent from the Navigation Pane.
  3. Specify the Agent Name.
  4. This must be a uniquely identifiable name (such as XVault_328_01, using LA number or similar).
    • If you are using Non-SIF XVault then this name will be provided to you.
  5. Set the SIF Version to 2.3 .
  6. Set the Log Level to INFO.

You now need to set up the Collection Templates. Primary and Secondary are the default templates and can be customised to your requirements (see Configuring a Collection Template). However the DashNewProvider template must be tied down as this is the template non-SIF schools are automatically assigned.

  1. Scroll to the DashNewProvider template
  2. Ensure that the “Can Subscribe?” and “Handle Events?” columns are un-ticked for all objects except for SchoolInfo. It is very important that "Handle Events?" is ticked, otherwise the Xporter agents in the schools will not respond to requests from XVault.

XVault is now configured, click Save to apply the settings.