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XVault Message Security – Non-SIF

For XVault Zones that are configured without the use of SIF Transport (Non-SIF zones), XVault and the source Xporter installation broker their messages via an SSL connection to Groupcall Dashboard. The collection template assigned to a Zone in XVault is … Continue Reading

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XVault SSL Encryption

The XVault application runs on top of Apache Tomcat, the current version of Apache Tomcat is 7.0. Data transfer is always SSL, therefore to protect the management interface you need only enable SSL encryption for the web service and management … Continue Reading

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XVault Data Security

Groupcall XVault is designed to operate securely and requires authentication to access web servers and the management console. It is advised that additional configuration is made in the operating environment to ensure full platform-level security. XVault Database The XVault database … Continue Reading

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XVault Version

This document applies to Groupcall XVault version 1.2.3 (2011-08) and above.

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XVault Products Overview

XVault has many important functions which provide centralised and normalised data from many sources for access by several systems including:   Looked After Children All Pupil Attendance Admissions Exclusions Workforce Returns Free School Meals 14 to 19 Virtual School Data … Continue Reading

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VSS 2012.12 Release Notes

December 2012 release of Groupcall Virtual School Bug fixes: Resolved missing scroll bar in Behaviour tab Address performance issues when synchronising large datasets from XVault Resolved incorrectly presented Key Stage assessment results in Assessment tab. Resolved issue with incorrect display … Continue Reading

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Protected: Product Roadmap

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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…And Finally

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